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Workshops available for all patterns listed below.
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Large Quilted Tote Bags pattern

8" depth
13" height
19" width
(measurements not including handles)

Quilt up some fabric to create stunning bags!
Pattern developed by Janice Roy
Large enough to hold my grandson at six years old. 
Simple Step by Step directions. Workshops available.
Pattern $9, Shipping/Handling $1. 

$1 of each pattern
donated to (WAAG) We Are Animal Guardians

***New Pattern***

MiniDuffBag   -   MacDuffBag's little sister.

Perfect size for hand work, knitting or crochet.
Works great as a handbag too!
Dimensions 6" depth x 17" height x 19" width
(measurement includes handles)
Pattern $9, Shipping/Handling $1

$1 of each pattern is donated to Mentor Connector, Rutland VT

Quilted Coat Pattern
Designed by Janice Roy

Create a Quilted Coat for the perfect fit, with fusable batting foundation pieces. 
Iron foundation onto lining fabric, trim your pieces, sew & quilt as you go. 
Sew many ways to design, every Coat a unique work of Art. 

Sweatshirt based coats don't always end up the size,
using foundation pieces you are assured of the perfect fit.

Pattern has 6 sizes. Pattern $20 Shipping/Handling $2.50 


Presentations and 2 day Workshops available!


Anita's Arrow Blocks
Workshop available

Anita's Arrow block is created with only three cuts, rearrange and sewn,
It looks complex, but truly simple.

This method of creating Anita's Arrow is a great stash buster.

Digital Pattern available soon.

Strip'N Chandelier Quilt 
Workshop available

This simple, easy and fun strip quilt, made in a weekend!  Digital pattern available soon.

StripRec'D Quilt
Workshop available

Fun simple, easy and fun strip quilt, made in a weekend!  Digital pattern available soon.

Digital Quilting Services available
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Life is too short, so spending every day, Making a Good Day is important!
You may not Have a good day, but you can Make A Good Day!
Every Pattern and kit that is created by Make A Good Day, a % of proceeds will be benefit a different charitable organization.  "Quilted Coats" pattern will benefit a local women's shelter. "MacDuff Quilted Bag" pattern will benefit (WAAG) We Are Animal Guardians. "MiniDuff Quilted Bag" pattern will benefit Mentor Connector, Rutland VT.

Keep checking back, to see what ideas we are creating for the greater good of society!

Patterns available, PayPal payments accepted. 
Make A Good Day!
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